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How To Conceive The Gender Of Your Choice 101: A Glimpse At The Popular Pregnancy Guide

Despite the growing number of the world’s population, the circle of life continues: men and women come together to make a family. Indeed, having a baby, while overwhelming and challenging, can make anyone feel complete and fulfilled. The waiting time can also be a lot of fun as would-be parents try to guess the gender of their would-be child. But what if you want to make sure you get a little prince—or a little princess? Is it possible to determine the gender of your baby before you conceive?

The answer is yes, thanks to How to Conceive the Gender of Your Choice, a book that may very well become your next bible. This article aims to talk about the basics of this guide that is quickly becoming popular among couples. Read on and find out the principles that the guide rides on, the methods it endorses, and its pros and cons.

Who wrote it?

The book is written by Ashley Spencer, a baby gender consultant who shares her exciting as well as effective discoveries—which she herself has tried—through her writing.

What does the book offer?

The book presents methods on how a couple can successfully conceive a baby of the gender of their choice. The methods are also considered by experts to be with scientific basis and ultimately in keeping with years of study and research. This means that what the book offers are gender selection methods that really deliver.

What are some of the tips included?

Basically, the book gives out information on different ways so couples who are thinking of conceiving can have the wonderful opportunity to determine what their baby’s gender will be. Specifically, there are steps that couples need to follow to achieve their goal. There are eight chapters all in all, each fully packed with interesting and relevant information that you and your partner will find safe and pleasurable at the same time.

For instance, Chapter 1 talks about improving fertility and introduces the ideas behind gender selection. Gender selection is non-invasive because it works before the baby even exists. It is also a healthy way for couples to bond and rekindle the flame.

Chapter 2 talks about the right foods to take to get the baby gender you want. If you want to have a girl, there are certain foods your body needs to create the right environment. It’s the same principle if you want to have a boy.

Chapter 3 talks about how to have an orgasm and just how important orgasm is in determining your baby’s gender. Some couples are too conscious of the act itself that it becomes restricted; others are too focused on the goal of conceiving that sex becomes routine and feels forced. The book gives tips on how you and your partner can have satisfying sex, which is associated with success in getting your choice of baby gender.

Chapter 4 talks about sexual intercourse and the various factors that contribute to your baby’s gender, such as how long you have sex with your partner and what positions you do.

How to Conceive the Gender of Your Choice can be ordered online. For more information, check out reviews and see whether this book is for you.

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